Employment Law

My mission is to protect the rights of employees, whether it be from a wrongful termination of employment, failure to properly pay wages and overtime, or retaliation for having made a legitimate complaint. I have specialized for many years in enforcing your right to be free from harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Retaliation occurs when the employer engages in targeting an employee for retribution because the employee, you, complained to a superior or to HR about improper harassment, discrimination, or other protected activity, such as a safety complaint or concern. This retribution can take the form of a termination on some made up, pretextual reason, such as tardiness. It can also take the form of a layoff, a demotion, a poor performance review, or many other adverse employment actions.

Workplace retaliation is any adverse employment action taken by an employer against an employee to punish or deter the employee from reporting wrongdoing.