I represent employees in all types of employment issues, including:

RETALIATION:  Termination or other retaliation against an employee for engaging in protected activity, which includes making a complaint of sexual harassment or discrimination, or asserting claims with government agencies such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the EDD.

HARASSMENT:  Abusive conduct based on an employee’s sex, race, disability or age.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  Unwelcome verbal, physical or visual conduct of a sexual nature.

PREGNANCY AND DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION:  Failure to accommodate for a known disability or granting leave for pregnancy.

WAGE AND HOUR CLAIMS:  Employer failure to pay wages, overtime or other violations of law.

FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE:   Denial of leave to an eligible employee for serious medical conditions.

EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION:  Termination or failure to hire based on a protected status such as age, gender or race.

DEFAMATION:  False statements made about an employee to third persons.